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  • Why do projects not succeed when project governance is not formalised?—Vanessa Sore

    Why do projects not succeed when project governance is not formalised?

    Barriers exist at both the project and organisational level. These barriers influence the organisation’s aptitude to successfully implement and execute projects, as well as the overall performance and market penetration of the organisation. This paper aims to critically reflect upon the current barriers at the project and organisational level within a large Australian financial services organisation. The reflection identifies three key barriers at the project and organisational level concerning the lack of: formal project-based structure; project methodology familiarity and skilled project managers; and open dialogue prohibiting collaboration. Moreover, this reflective practice has allowed recommendations to be made to adjust governance structures to improve project performance and progress towards achieving organisation objectives. A new governance structure is recommended in pursuit of: implementing a formal project-based structure, embodying support from a Strategic PMO to bring accountabilities and opportunities amidst the organisation into line; aiding better education and appreciation of project management methodology with ongoing support from a Tactical PMO; and adopting effective communication. Thus, the paper outlines the importance of these recommendations to assure project governance ownership and liability across the organisation to achieve project success.

    Author: Vanessa Sore
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • Conceptual model of performance measurement – Ali Naseri Gigloo
    Photo by Boby Dimitrov

    Conceptual model of performance measurement for power plant projects

    This study is focused on the importance of performance measurement in projects. Projects are considered as temporary organizations with specific goals and objectives. Generally, power plant projects are considered as high-tech and large-scale projects and construction of them require a great amount of financial resource, human resource, materials and equipment. Also, they are considered as one of the strategic infrastructures of a country and any delay in these kinds of projects results in huge cost overrun as well as negative social and economic impacts. So, it is important to use a robust performance measurement system to help project managers to manage them effectively to achieve goals and objectives of projects. In this study, by using literature, a conceptual model of performance measurement was developed and then by using the company vision, the KRAs of the project were identified. Also, according to the project contract, the long-term and short term objectives were identified. To assess the performance of process and systems a set of KPIs identified.

    Author: Ali Naseri Gigloo
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • The next generation of project managers
    considering a project management career?

    The next generation of project managers will not always tread a well-worn path from disciplines such as construction/engineering and IT/software as industries such as finance, health and design become thirsty for project managers. Deborah Singerman on why a diverse range of skills and experience is perfect for a project management career. more
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