7 of the best project management tools for 2021

Andrew Deen
January 20, 2021

While the COVID pandemic is finally showing signs of slowing down now that healthcare workers are able to get vaccinated, the ‘pandemic workplace’ is expected to exist for at least a few more months, meaning a lot of remote work for many companies.

Evolution in technology relative to remote work has been one of the silver linings of the pandemic, and many companies are expected to continue using remote work situations after the pandemic is over.

Project management methodologies don’t change all that much from brick-and-mortar to the remote workplace, but the tools to institute these methodologies do, and here are a few that project management teams should look at for 2021 and beyond.


For larger operations, Workzone is an encompassing project management software that allows many different stakeholders to see where projects are, while also having easy fail-safes in place to ensure only those individuals qualified to be working on something can make changes to progress. It’s a great product for transparency, and offers automatically generated reports that are as easy to understand as they are to share. Pricing options vary, but for $200 per month, your team can utilise the vast majority of features offered.


Not particularly new, as GanttPRO is already used by more than 250K project management teams across the globe, but well worth checking out if you want quick and easy Gantt chart creation with predictive analytics and easy chart generation.


10,000ft is an inexpensive tool that still delivers a lot of value for project management teams, and beyond. In addition to an easy-to-use interface for laying out projects, there are also features that allow for resource management and time-tracking, making it a nice tool for your accounting teams as well. Basic plans can be utilised for about $10 per month.


This powerful customer relationship management (CRM) program is great for small businesses looking to grow. Not all businesses want to grow, at least as far as personnel is concerned, but client growth can also be managed and planned for with Insightly’s sales and manage lead features. Clients can also see the timelines for their project, helping with transparency, and ultimately the business relationship as a whole.


If your company is planning on continuing remote work after the pandemic, Clarizen is a must-check-out program. All of the project management features are cloud-based, and reports can be delivered to team members’ phones with the press of a button. There is budget tracking and other predictive analytic features all for about $60 per user, per month. App and cloud-storage is included.


Teamdeck is a great tool for mid-to-large groups of people who are involved in the same project. It’s visually appealing, and easy to use, and all of the major points related to project completion are highlighted and easy to read and understand quickly. It also has good personnel management tools integrated, so if your business models have multiple employees with the same job, this program can really help streamline work from one of those employees to the next.


Perhaps the best value for small-to-medium project management needs on this list is Freshdesk. In addition to a visually appealing interface, Freshdesk also allows for live chat services and phone support to both colleagues and customers. Definitely worth checking out the free trial.

Though bad for most things, 2020 was a good year for remote work software development, and as trends in remote business are starting to grow, software options will be coming out on a constant basis. Keep an eye out for new tools like the ones listed here!

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Andrew Deen
Andrew Deen has been a consultant for startups in almost every industry from retail to medical devices and everything in between. He writes about project management methodologies and has experience implementing lean methodology, and is currently writing a book about scaling up business, including the importance of e-commerce accounting. Twitter @AndrewDeen14
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