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For enquiries including blog contributions, news ideas and content, listing events or anything else, please refer to the following contribution guidelines:

Are you looking to become a regular blogger?
Download the blogging guide [PDF]

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When pitching ideas for content, start the subject line with PITCH: [then your pitch] to confirm you have read these details before emailing

The body of the email should contain the premise of the post you would like to write and a rough idea of its direction. You may send completed articles for consideration as well. Please understand that this site is for practising project managers, so avoid pitching articles that are too basic in nature.

We receive many unsolicited emails from people requesting that we add:

  • —Their infographic
  • —A backlink to their website
  • —A quote from their spokesperson

—to existing articles. Please note that we do not add to published posts unless to correct or balance a factual error. We would much prefer that you pitch your own content.

Do not send emails without a pitch or a submission for consideration as we are not a link farm and we are not interested in low quality content with irrelevant backlinks in exchange for money. We receive these requests daily and they have never borne good content.


If you are looking to pitch your services, please note that we are not interested in services to improve our search engine ranking or boost SEO, and we do not need a web designer. These emails have been filtered out so you will need to change your pitch or call to get through.


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