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A vision of project management

Alain Mignot
September 19, 2011

Stimulating integration and innovation to get the right project design solution within a price-driven competition is a tricky balance to achieve in the early stages of a complex infrastructure project.

Significant skill and commitment is required to optimise price and non-price outcomes in the tender phase of a difficult project, where scope and risk are not clear.

However, the recent announcement of a new National Alliancing Contracting framework includes a default price-competitive selection process for public sector infrastructure projects. While globally positive, industry is concerned about the framework’s mandated selection process based on price competition regardless of project scope, complexity, scale and risk.

It raises many questions for public sector owners and private sector consultants and contractors. Can a less experienced owner or an owner with a finite number of capital delivery team members be expected to effectively resource the challenge of authentic integration across multiple, competing teams?

Can tender teams in turn achieve the synergies and depth of insight into client drivers necessary to drive down risk and develop the best solution and price?

Will opportunities be missed and true integration be put on hold until the delivery phase and will successful tender teams be able to deliver the solution and the price promised in their bid without tending to more defensive, contractual positions?

The national framework is one of the key developments for alliance practice in 2011 and requires clear, 20-20 vision to interpret and influence.

Industry practitioners from public and private sectors will have the opportunity to participate, lead and contribute to discussion with their peers and mentors on this and other challenges in a collaborative convention in October.

Presenters have been selected for their insights into the role of collaboration in recent disaster recovery and opportunities in new sectors such as the resources industry. Panel sessions, open comment and table discussion will consider new collaborative contracting models, emerging roles on alliance projects and how to grow new-age project leadership.

Numbers are monitored to allow productive sharing of views across the audience and ensure networking and business sessions are big enough to capture a range of perspectives. Join us and clear your vision:

Alain Mignot
Alain Mignot is the executive director and co-founder of the Alliancing Association of Australasia (AAA), a not-for-profit, independent, cross-sector initiative connecting the infrastructure industry to create better projects.
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