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Social media shunned in design and construction sector

PM News
November 12, 2013

One-third of businesses in the building, construction, architecture and design industries do not use social media platforms to communicate or engage, according to a survey conducted by

The survey revealed that 36% of design and construction businesses were unsure of how to use social media to engage their market, with two-thirds saying more social media training would help.

“Social media is an excellent tool to build relationships with existing and potential customers as it allows you to communicate and engage with them directly. Through this relationship you may have a better chance of improving sales leads and customer loyalty,” said Adrian Wilson, sales manager for

Wilson fears these businesses “will get left behind” if they don’t embrace social media platforms, which he deemed “an essential part of a marketing and communication strategy”.

For businesses already using social media, 43% are seeing tangible results, with 70% saying a strategy is important for social media success.

Facebook was the most popular platform, with 42% of respondents owning a Facebook page, closely followed by 41% using a LinkedIn company page. Additionally, nearly all businesses surveyed agreed having a website is important for businesses in their industry, although one in five still don’t have one.

Close to 1,300 Australian businesses in the building, construction, architecture and design industries responded to the survey, which included questions on major issues in their industry such as social media, environmental issues and the cost of resources.

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