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Connexion launches world-first benefits management software

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November 1, 2012

Connexion Systems has launched the world’s first benefits management software to meet the demands of the current economic climate where projects need to return billions of dollars of investment.

At the Benefits Realisation Summit held in Sydney earlier this week, Connexion Systems’ managing director Matt Williams introduced Maximiser, which allows users to identify, plan, realise and evaluate benefits at project, program, portfolio and organisation level by supporting the benefits lifecycle from strategy to post-project delivery.

He said the software was a tool to support best practice benefits management. “You need to follow the methods and principles for managing benefits. We provide the systematic process and approach,” he explained.

“This system helps visualise the link between projects, programs and corporate objectives and Maximiser supports the entire benefits lifecycle.”

Williams said the feedback loop feature was an important way that organisations could ensure benefits realisation remained on track, as well as identifying additional emerging benefits as the project progressed.

More information: Connexion Systems > Maximiser

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