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Alexandra Secerbegovic

Alexandra Secerbegovic currently works in the Australian oil & gas industry, specialising in managing and advising on work health and safety matters on largescale projects. She has a Master of WHS Management and a Master of Project Management from the University of Technology Sydney.

Performance Techniques: Reflective Practice and Action Learning—Alexandra Secerbegovic

Performance Techniques: Reflective Practice and Action Learning as Leadership Developmental Tools in the Pursuit to Improve Project Performance within the Project Organisation
The purpose of this article is, using a literature review, to discuss the processes of Reflective Practice and Action Learning using a project based organisation as a case study and to discuss the advantages and importance of these processes to improving project performance through leadership development. Some of the barriers to effective implementation within such workplaces will also be discussed. The article will first provide the definition and importance of both Reflective Practice and Action Learning. This is then followed by linking these processes with the concept of the Learning Organisation in order to create an environment where leadership development is encouraged as part of employee engagement attract and retain strategies and the overall continuous improvement process.

The organisation used for this article is an Australian medium sized oil and gas company. A project based organisation undertaking exploration, construction and eventually operations of assets. The organisation does not currently undertake Action Learning, however realises that if it is to attract and retain skilled project managers, then it must offer a strong leadership development program, because a high salary is no longer the sole motivating factor for many project managers. It is my belief that this case study organisation will benefit from implementing a leadership development program based on Reflective Practice and Action Learning because the future of improving their projects is not just going to be through traditional technical training of their project managers but raising it to the next level.

Author: Alexandra Secerbegovic
Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney)

June 17, 2014