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Articles Tagged 'process'

  • Can a risk have 100% probability?
    risk probability

    Most people’s first reaction to the idea that a risk can have 100% probability is to disagree. After all ‘uncertainty’ is a key part of the definition of risk, and 100% probability means ‘certain’. Risk Doctor David Hillson argues otherwise. more
  • Checking the risk process
    Achieving project benefits

    The term ‘box-ticking’ is always used in this negative way, as a bad thing to be avoided. But perhaps ticking boxes could be useful if we do it differently for risk, suggests Risk Doctor David Hillson. more
  • The IKEA approach to risk
    IKEA instructions

    Why can’t managing risk be more like assembling a piece of IKEA furniture? Risk Doctor David Hillson puts forth the case for user-friendly risk processes and procedures. more
  • Manage change, avoid complexity

    All organisations go through periods of upheaval and change. Critical to a company’s growth and survival is the way change is managed. Here are Ivan Seselj’s tips for embedding change processes. more
  • Using Voice of the Customer in projects

    Most project managers think they know what their stakeholders want, but more often than not they are either partially correct or incomplete. Often used in business, Voice of the Customer programs have become a strategic asset for the most forward thinking and customer-centric project managers, writes Chuck Schaeffer. more