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Articles Tagged 'Cheetah Learning'

  • Project management at speed
    Productivity and workflow prevent projects from becoming stale

    Michelle LaBrosse on the difference between doing projects on autopilot and achieving project flow:

    “It is imperative to remain in the driver’s seat to ensure that we constantly remove road blocks that make our project teams falter and pause.” more
  • The project management of prosperity

    How do you know when you are truly wealthy? Your perception of prosperity will most likely change throughout your life. Michelle LaBrosse on how you can project manage any goal you have:

    “Becoming prosperous is a project, just like any project you have ever undertaken. The path to prosperity requires commitment, competency, and a well-developed plan.” more
  • Reduce project distress

    Rid yourself of ‘bah humbug’ attitudes on your project. The holiday season is like a magnifying glass that enlarges both the best and the worst in us. This time of year induces joy, caring, and generosity, but it can also magnify stress, anxiety, and heighten conflict at home and on your project. more
  • Why PMP certification?

    This time of year, many of us are thinking about decorating for the holidays. You might decorate your house with wreaths, your children with bows, your spouse with gold jewellery, or your table with turkey. Decorations lift our spirits, and put us in the holiday mood. This holiday season, don’t forget to decorate your name as well—with a professional certification. more
  • To you and your project’s health

    Wellness has been on the backburner for many project professionals striving to make careers for themselves. These people may have been under the notion that to be the best they had to give up their personal needs. more
  • Marrying planning into your project

    The concept of ‘planning fun’ can sometimes be hard for those of us out there who like to live in the moment and who generally get nervous if too much planning takes place—you know who you are! But the moment that you invite others to live in your moment, as you do while planning any sort of event, is when you need to make sure that good planning takes place to produce an event that is fun for all. more
  • Cooking projects in a PMO
    kitchen project management

    It takes more than ingredients to create a meal, and it takes more than resources to manage a project. You need to have standards (cooking temperature), documentation (recipes), guidance (cooking shows), economies of repetition (making meals every day), and metrics (your taste testers). Your kitchen is the project management office (PMO) of your meals. more
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