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UXC Connect wins Cultural Transformation Award

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October 25, 2011

UXC Connect has been named the recipient of the 2011 Human Synergistics Culture Transformation Achievement Award. The award is presented to organisations in Australia and New Zealand that have created and sustained a strong and constructive work culture.

UXC Connect, Australia’s largest ICT infrastructure solutions and services company, received the award for its efforts to transform into a more culturally focused and aware organisation. Merging Integ, UXC Connect (formerly known as Getronics) and XSI Data Solutions, it began trading as UXC Connect on 1 July this year.

“Our customers always come first, and our embodiment of a flat company structure empowers our teams to drive fast and efficient decision making, as well as fostering quality employee and client relationships,” said Ian Poole, CEO of UXC Connect.

“The long term effect of our business transformation is strong employee value, staff retention and a long term view of how everyone contributes to the success of the business, enabled by the cultural insights we gained through the Human Synergistics program.”

In 2005 the company recognised that it needed to strengthen the connection between employees and organisational goals to support the delivery of better business outcomes. Executives and managers learnt to become more effective leaders, which helped individuals understand how they contributed to the company’s success.

According to UXC Connect, the results over time have increased revenue and profit, as well as significantly reducing employee turnover and improving customer satisfaction.

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