Synergy between tacit and explicit knowledge

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October 26, 2016

Knowledge management has been a burning issue in Nepal for some time. Although project management maturity in Nepal is in its early stages, the idea of capturing tacit and explicit knowledge in order to help project managers better manage projects has been well-received.

Research demonstrating the synergy between tacit and explicit knowledge—how it is acquired, contextualised and activated—paves the way for effective project management.

In this paper, Andrew Dahal focuses on an event that occurred in a construction project in Nepal and addresses how consideration of use of both tacit and explicit knowledge would have helped to improve the situation. Also the paper briefly highlights the mindset of project managers in a high-power distance culture and its effect on the execution of projects.

This whitepaper ‘Synergy between tacit and explicit knowledge’ [download PDF], is about how knowledge management might contribute to a significant construction project, which has potential for benefiting the local economy.

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