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Sustainable ratings launched for infrastructure projects

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March 1, 2012

The Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC) has launched Australia’s first ratings system for infrastructure projects. The Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Scheme comprises a rating tool, assessment process and education and training programs.

The scheme measures the sustainability of infrastructure projects using 15 metrics across the ‘triple bottom line’ of economic, environmental and social criteria. AGIC’s scheme can be applied to a broad range of infrastructure types, including roads and bridges, ports, harbours and airports, energy infrastructure, water storage and supply, communication transmission and distribution.

Rick Walters, technical director at AGIC, said the ratings scheme comes in response to the lack of standards in Australia at both state and federal level. “We’ve seen across the industry people trying to figure out what sustainability means and clients wanting it, but there’s a lack of definition about what it is.”

Romilly Madew, CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) welcomed the scheme as part of the broader practice of green construction.

“The Green Building Council of Australia supports AGIC’s mission to advance sustainability in the design, construction and operation of Australia’s infrastructure. Rewarding leadership in sustainability drives the uptake of more sustainable processes, fosters innovation and encourages emerging new markets.”

For more information, see Australian Green Infrastructure Council > Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Scheme

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