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Project management software review: Binfire

Ofer Tamir
April 15, 2011

Mini-interview with David Robins, CEO of Binfire

What kind of project manager is Binfire for?
We are developing Binfire to be able to support any project type and project manager. We have tested it with teams who do software development, hardware design teams, architects and others. New project managers can benefit most because the software gives them a template to manage the project right!

Who is your ideal user or the user who will get the most from the software?
Our ideal users are remote teams, teams that are not located in one place. They might be in different cities, countries or continents or teams whose members prefer to work from their homes.

Even for teams that are co-located, the software can help by organising and recording of all interactions in the team. Currently the software is designed for small to medium teams of up to 200 people.

What does Binfire have that no other software offers?
We offer project collaboration and not just project management. We are creating a ‘virtual project room’, which enables remote teams to work as if they are in the same room. This helps the PM to start and manage a project effectively and make the team self-sufficient and provide him with the latest information seamlessly.

We facilitate and manage communication, project tasks, reporting, documents, brainstorming on whiteboard and more. When our software is used with a tool like Skype, the team can do anything that they can do in person.

We are adding collaborative document review in the near the future to further enhance the project room. This is different from Google Docs and others. We will support any document (engineering drawing, large images and not just text file) and during the collaboration session the team can draw, write, highlight and correct the document like we work on paper. This doc is saved and used later for changing the original document offline.

We are also adding dynamic Gantt chart which shows the status of a project in real time. It is update automatically everyday and shows which tasks are on-time, which ones are late and which one are projected to be late. It also can create reports to be presented to the higher-ups in the company.

Interview conducted by Adeline Teoh

Ofer Tamir
Ofer Tamir works in software localisation at Apple Inc and has a background in data security and internet technologies. He is a graduate with honours of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, with a degree in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. He takes a keen interest in all things technology.
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2 thoughts on “Project management software review: Binfire

  1. Ive been looking for something like this for a while. Ive tried them all and all of them have tried my patience. Ive been using binfire for a week now and its really straight forward.

  2. I’ve bee using ProjectFramework for some time (http://www.projectframework.com) to cover what usual PM Softwares don’t, meaning IT Methodology workflow and Project Documents/Deliverable automatic generation (which is the 80% of a Project effort).
    This software enables Project Scope definition, Functional Requirements gathering, Application and Technology Architecture, Data Model, Integration Architecture and Commercial Proposals – Service and Software – definition.
    Every single step may produce automatically a document in MS Word or Excel to be handed out directly to the Customer. Teamworking is available either.
    Have a look at it if you have some time…

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