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Managing design for success forum

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February 28, 2013

The performance and delivery of the design process in building and infrastructure projects has a great influence on the success of subsequent processes in these projects. It also determines the quality of the final outcome. Despite its importance, relatively little attention has been given to the formal management of the design process.

Currently there is a greater expectation from owners/developers/clients for a high level of performance from their project teams, which include; project managers/directors, design managers/ directors, development managers/directors, architects, engineers, cost planners, technical managers/directors and contractors.

Design continues to grow in its complexity as a result of industry development and the significant increase in the specialist inputs to the design. Therefore, there is a dire need for continual refinement in existing management processes and it is crucial for design to be managed in a structured and effective way for all parties concerned.

The Managing Design for Success Forum 2013 is the first of its kind in Australia and will seek to further empower project managers by demonstrating proven methodology of how their design team should be managing and delivering the design of projects throughout the entire project lifecycle from the business case stage right through to the handover and operations stage of a project.

Join Project Manager online’s Paul Sancandi and a host of other experts who will cover how building information modelling (BIM) will affect the way they manage design on their projects.

The Managing Design for Success Forum 2013 also serves as an information-sharing platform for owners, developers, government authorities, project managers and design professionals, with the objective of improving the design process and the quality of finalised building and infrastructure projects along with improved business outcomes all round.

Managing Design for Success Forum 2013
When: 20-22 March 2013
Where: Waterfront, The Rocks, Sydney
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