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How governance can save more projects

PM News
February 3, 2012

Project governance has been neglected, yet a governance team can destroy more value in five minutes than a project team can destroy in five weeks, says Jed Simms, co-founder of Totally Optimized Projects and governance expert.

“Poorly understood, poorly supported and poorly executed it is not surprising that more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management,” he says. “Yet while we invest millions in project management we invest next to nothing in project governance. Even getting people to agree what ‘project governance’ is, is a challenge.”

With more than 20 years of project governance experience and 12 years teaching behind him, Simms has developed a project governance knowledge centre, containing governance support materials such as charters, FAQs, video education, guides, frameworks and articles.

The website and community is designed for executives in project governance roles and those accountable for project governance performance in their organisations.

“The Project Governance Knowledge Center provides the direction, information and support required to move project governance from being a potential liability to being a key driver of success,” Simms says.

Access to the Center is by membership subscription only. Simms is offering a two-week trial for those  interested in improving project governance.

PM News
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