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Project: Gold Coast University Hospital

Riemann says that until now truck drivers and crane dogmen were required to work on the truck platform during loading and unloading of reinforcing steel.

The ‘Transi-Barrier’ system eliminates the need to work at height completely, removing the need for truck mounted barriers and harness systems, onsite load access platforms, and scaffold loading bays.

“The side barriers have been engineered to withstand 12 ton of impact, providing load containment both at the production facility and at the construction site. The barriers also remove the need for load restraint when the load is moved around the construction site, which saves both time and money for our clients,” says Riemann.

ARC’s innovative ‘Transi-Barrier’ system won the Lend Lease Australian Excellence in Safety—Development and Design category at the Australian Incident & Injury Free and Employee Excellence Awards in 2010.

The award recognised the ‘Transi-Barrier’ system as an example of best practice in preventing falls from height during loading and unloading of materials.

The future of healthcare

To ensure that supply of steel products remained consistent and flexible, ARC provided dedicated project management to ensure adequate programs were developed to avoid the risk of reinforcing delivery service failure.

ARC worked closely with managing contractor Lend Lease to manage the delivery of steel to the site. Lend Lease assisted ARC’s dedicated onsite schedulers to coordinate an accurate delivery program, and organise the steel that was being delivered on a daily basis. This close working partnership resulted in very few issues with the production, supply, storage and documentation of the product.

Hugh Cassidy, Lend Lease site engineer, says ARC’s onsite schedulers were a great resource for the project as more effective communication could be gained from face-to-face contact, ensuring reduced errors.

“The onsite representative meant that ARC was more involved with the project and could respond to urgent requirements, effectively resulting in less delay.”

Accessories supplied to site included Reidbar and other coupling systems. ARC also supplied tie wire and bar chairs directly to the steelfixer on this project.

Gold Coast University Hospital is expected to be complete by December 2012.

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