Employee engagement in the IT sector

Dinesh Sharma
July 8, 2011

The IT industry is facing a major challenge in the area of employee attrition. Every organisation is working on devising new measures to increase retention.

The scenario in the IT industry is very dynamic and the rate of attrition is correspondingly very high. The cost of a new hire is high enough to impact the profitability of IT organisations.

Organisations and their HR departments spend a lot of energy on devising ways and means to control attrition. Employee engagement has come up as one of the important considerations for controlling attrition. Even some of the organisations have gone a step ahead in making it a mandate to follow a standard engagement model.

This white paper (downloadable in PDF form), ‘The importance of employee engagement in controlling attrition for IT industry scenario’ offers a structured engagement model which can be applied in any IT organisation that notes the importance of employee engagement in controlling attrition.

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Dinesh Sharma
Dinesh Sharma has more than 14 years of IT experience including strong project and program management experience—end-to-end execution, high risk projects, development, testing, support, transition, IT setup—with a success rate of 100%. He is currently a technical manager at Qwest Telecom Software Services in India.
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