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Disaster management book launched

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November 6, 2012

Disaster management practitioner Dr Paul Steinfort and education expert Angela Lecomber have contributed a chapter on appropriate project management training for disaster and emergency situations to a new book entitled Next Generation Disaster & Security Management, edited by Dr Michael Clarke and Ged Griffin.

The book was launched late last month with much fanfare by former Attorney General and Minister for Emergency Management Robert McClelland, who contributed the first chapter of the book.

McClelland’s chapter addresses what he perceives as poor planning by the government where too much is spent after disasters and too little to prevent them.

The project management chapter, however, provides insight on the inability of personnel in disaster situations “to formulate a framework to design, plan and implement projects that deliver value to stakeholders who are affected by a disaster”.

Steinfort and Lecomber believe these shortcomings are “further exacerbated by deficits in standard project management frameworks and methodologies”, which “do not place sufficient focus on how practitioners will apply what they have learnt to a workplace which is largely unpredictable or high risk, such as after a disaster”.

Next Generation Disaster & Security Management
Edited by Dr Michael Clarke and Ged Griffin
RRP $10.00 (buy online)

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