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Collaboration drives success beyond infrastructure projects

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April 12, 2012

Increased experience in relationship contracting and collaboration has been the forerunner of the successful delivery of complex projects, according to a number of Western Australian infrastructure leaders in attendance at the Relationship Contracting Network (RCN) convention next month.

Perth will host the RCN 2012 convention on 24 May 2012, with the theme ‘Working Together – How is it working?’. The convention will examine how collaborative experience can be internalised productively within users’ own organisations.

“Senior industry practitioners from all sectors will share how working together is a powerful approach to tackling professional, business and project challenges,” said Alain Mignot, executive director of the Alliancing Association of Australasia (AAA). RCN is the alliance’s Western Australian chapter.

Collaborative business culture has consistently been the fundamental driving force behind the successful delivery of difficult infrastructure projects in the region, he said.

“Any organisation, team or leader who is facing complex business issues, demanding stakeholders, changing politics, tight deadlines in a resources constrained environment, intertwined issues and increasingly more stringent approval requirements knows that achieving good business outcomes is a hallmark of collaborative work cultures.”

The convention will be an opportunity for practitioners to evolve their collaborative contracting practice and bring the fundamental principles inside to enhance internal teaming effectiveness and increase organisational success at all levels.

“RCN 2012 will feature some of our most talented regional practitioners who will offer practical guidance on how to work effectively together,” Mignot said.

To view the biographies of the speakers who will be presenting at the convention, or to register, see

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