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Rupert Ralston

Passionate about technology making work and life easier, Rupert Ralston is a consultant for IRIS PROJECTminder, an online project management solution for architects, engineers, IT consultants, marketing agencies and more.

4½ Key Steps to Project Success—IRIS

4½ Key Steps to Project Success

Project success. We all recognise it when we see it, but what constitutes a successful project and how can this success be replicated in the future?

Traditional project management for years has followed the ‘iron triangle’ or ‘three pillars’ of time, cost and quality. In an ideal world, projects would be delivered on time with all the milestones reached on schedule; they would come in on budget, without any nasty surprises for client or supplier, and they would delight the client with high quality deliverables.

How can you increase the likelihood of the projects you undertake achieving this happy state of affairs?

Author: IRIS Project Solutions (submitted by Rupert Ralston)
Review status: Peer reviewed

June 12, 2011

Measuring client profitability—IRIS

Getting to grips with Client (Un)Profitability

This white paper tackles a growing problem which can be regarded as a side-effect of the current tough operating climate.

In their efforts to maintain business viability—and keep staff gainfully employed—some project-oriented businesses can be tempted to take on projects with narrow profit margins. They then tend to over-deliver to retain the client’s business in an aggressively competitive marketplace.

This trend is an entirely understandable, but is not a sustainable way of doing business.

We discuss here the value of adopting an evidence-driven approach to understanding which areas of your business and client base are most/least

Author: IRIS Project Solutions (submitted by Rupert Ralston)
Review status: Peer reviewed

June 12, 2011