Nick Pelham & Chris Flaherty

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Nick Pelham (left) is the head of Gateway at the Department of Treasury & Finance for the Victorian Government. Dr Chris Flaherty (right) is a senior risk consultant at Greymans Limited in London, UK.

Governance is Important to Project Success – Nick Pelham & Chris Flaherty

Governance is Important to Project Success – a conceptual paper

What do we mean by governance and by project success? Most projects, even non-complex projects require some form of governing – it can be as simple as having a project manager as the person responsible for the delivery the project. In addition, there could be more a question of what structural processes are in place, to allow for good governance; such as ensuring that there is regular and systematic reporting to the ‘project owner’ on the progress of the project.

In the more complex project situations, a project board is put in place and reporting occurs there. A project charter could also be drafted. A project charter is a guide for project board, establishing the authority and financial responsibilities of the board’s oversight of the project which includes the level of financial delegations that a project manager has over the particular project and the deliverables the project is to achieve. Project success, however, is not so simple, as there are four different views.

Authors: Nick Pelham, Dr Chris Flaherty
Review status: TBC

April 2, 2011