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Dr Manikantan Poonkundran is a program manager at IBM in India.

Psychology and Project Management—Raveendran Ranganayagalu & Dr Manikantan Poonkundran

Psychology and Project Management
Project Management usually has a framework and methodologies which are being followed for successful project management. While the framework and methodology is vital for project management, the human aspect of the project management too has to be taken into consideration since this human aspect has an important role to play in the way the projects are managed.

Projects are managed by individuals who are unique in themselves and hence each individual manages his or her project in his or her own unique way. A same project if given to two individuals will be managed in two different ways. This is because the psychological aspects of the individuals such as perception and emotions vary hugely and play a pivotal role in many processes like problem solving and decision making which affects the way the projects are handled in the real world. This aspect may sometimes result in the difference between success and failure of the project. This paper aims to study the relationship between the psychological aspects of the individuals and how it affects the way the projects are being handled by different individuals in the world of project management.

Author: Raveendran Ranganayagalu & Dr Manikantan Poonkundran
Review status: Version 1, IBM India

September 3, 2012