8 online resources to support project management training

Kelly Marone
September 7, 2015

Are you trying to locate the best resources to enhance your project management training? Here’s a list of 8 websites that offer reliable information and project support.

1. Projects at Work

A free resource provided by PMI, Projects at Work offers articles that break down barriers and build bridges to enhanced project management. It is a community of leaders and practitioners who are willing to share their experience. They help beginners make their first steps to success.

2. Project Management Times

This website offers tons of articles that you can learn from and also enables you to access relevant software, books, templates, whitepapers, and webinars. It’s a complete training platform that can be your starting point for training.

3. How to Manage a Camel

Arras People is a reputable recruiting firm and its blog teaches you how to build your internal network, get sponsorship for your project, choose the right accountant, decide on a career in the project management niche, and anything else you can think of.

4. Mr Excel

Don’t like Excel? You’re likely to need it! Project managers in training are commonly stuck with a formula or a programming bug so they need assistance from people who have the right knowledge and experience. At this website you’ll find exceptional discussion forums. It doesn’t matter what Excel-related questions you have, the community will lead you to the right answers.

5. The Muse

This is a female-targeted career development service that offers free courses. You can learn new skills and build a nice base of knowledge thanks to the resources related to project management. The best part is that The Muse also connects you with potential employers, so you’ll be able to land a job once you obtain the relevant skills.

6. Project Management Tips

The name of this website is self-explanatory. It offers practical tips regarding project and knowledge management, as well as collaboration. The articles are concise and provide advice that you can immediately implement into your strategy.

7. 43 Folders

Inspired by the popular book Getting Things Done by David Allen, 43 Folders helps you boost your productivity levels. Project management is a synonym for organisation. The articles at this website will teach you how to overcome the urge to procrastinate and achieve your goals within the given timeframes.

8. Microsoft Project User Group

If Microsoft Project is an important part of your work, then you’ll benefit a lot from this online community. You can get involved and ask any question on the discussion forum. In addition, you can also attend webinars that will help you use Microsoft Project like a pro.

The internet is full of information to assist with project management training, you just need to know where to find it—start with the list provided above!

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Kelly Marone
Kelly Marone is an aspiring writer and editor. She works as a project manager at the Educational camp, helping students with application requirements and organising workshops and seminars for its members.
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