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Articles Tagged 'data'

  • 6 mistakes lean practitioners make
    lean project management

    The most common cause of ineffectiveness in lean projects comes from the inability or unwillingness to learn from past experiments. Zach Nies outlines six common mistakes of lean practitioners and how you can avoid them. more
  • Why projects fail
    project failure, project stoppage, red light

    The project management industry has matured and grown significantly over the past 15 years, but a large number of projects still fail. Why is this the case? Jeroen Bolluijt and Brett Nan Tie believe a lack of data is part of the reason. more
    Advanced, Education
  • Applying BIM: a guide for project managers and owners
    Applying Building Information Management (BIM) to projects

    The internal application of building information modelling (BIM) is called a BIM Use. A BIM Use is defined as a method or strategy of applying BIM during a facility’s lifecycle to achieve one or more specific objectives. Paul Sancandi gives an overview of potential objectives for your project. more