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    Articles by Catherine Smithson

    Catherine Smithson is a leading facilitator, educator and consultant in change and leadership. She has 20 years’ experience as a senior manager and a consultant and has an in-depth understanding of best practices worldwide. She is the managing director of Being Human.
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  • Don’t wait to embed change

    There’s a fatal flaw in most project management methodologies: change management activities happen way too late to be effective, writes Catherine Smithson.

    “Engagement is needed right from the start of the change, to ensure change is driven by executives and managers.” more
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  • SAP is not an IT project!

    There seems to be a rule that the more complex the change, the less effort is spent on the people who will be adopting the change in their jobs, blogs Catherine Smithson.

    When was the last time you heard an employee say: “Awesome! Head office has decreed we all need to do [insert function] their way!” more
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  • The rise of the change manager

    The increased volume, pace and complexity of change has produced a new profession: the Change Manager. Catherine Smithson blogs on what project managers should expect of a change manager and how change managers can enhance their work. more
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  • More change, please

    Has anyone, anywhere, ever heard a team member or manager ask for more change? No? I didn’t think so! The phrases I hear most often are:

    “Why are we changing? Things are OK the way they are.”
    “This is change for change’s sake.”
    “We are changing too much, too fast.” more
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