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Controlling Attrition in the IT Industry—Dinesh Sharma

The importance of employee engagement in controlling attrition for IT industry scenario: A step-by-step approach

The IT industry is facing a major challenge in the area of employee attrition. Every organization is working on devising new measure to increase retention. This white paper focuses on the importance of employee engagement in controlling attrition. The information would be helpful for all IT managers looking for effective ways to control attrition.

Author: Dinesh Sharma
Review status: Peer reviewed

June 8, 2011

Working with virtual project teams

It has become almost impossible to pick up a newspaper or business magazine and not see a reference to the so-called skills shortage. The war for talent, the void to be created by the retirement of baby boomers, and the falling quality of university graduates have occupied both academics and politicians alike.

High on the list of occupations in shortage are engineers, IT professionals, planners, cost controllers, estimators, programmers and business analysts among other team member roles required to deliver projects.

April 4, 2011