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Project Performance Improvement—Dominic O’Brien

Project Performance Improvement
This paper explores the challenge of sharing knowledge across a team within the context of a broadcast industry project, demonstrating a shift of thinking (metanoia) in learning. During the project a Collaborative Design Model of regular individual and group reflection was developed, that assisted in expanding the level of shared knowledge and creativity within a team. The model shares the outputs of individual reflection with the whole team which then acts as a catalyst to drive innovation that can benefit the project. Hence the model is a key foundation for building a learning organization that can generate deeper knowledge. A critical part of the model is the use of a time linked semi structure management approach, a form of light touch supervision. This supervision style provides a clear definition of objectives, regular monitoring and direction without overpowering the team. This allows for the growth of a creative environment in which innovation can flourish. The benefits of this approach are examined in the paper and include creative problem solving and tacit knowledge sharing.

Author: Dominic O’Brien
Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney)

June 1, 2013