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Risk analysis for the London Olympic Games

Simon Buehring
July 16, 2012

Heading to London? It won’t have escaped your attention that the biggest ever sporting event in London’s history is just around the corner. Yes, the Olympic Games are about to descend upon the city!

Between 27th July and 9th September, London will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to, transport in London will be severely affected. There is a substantial risk therefore that staff will find it difficult to get to work on time, or even get there at all.

The website recommends that all London businesses implement action plans and test them ahead of the Games to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. Recommended actions are to re-time journeys to work, re-plan alternative routes to avoid busy stations, or if that is not possible, to plan alternative forms of transport. Walking anyone?

Based upon the advice and information contained within the website, Knowledge Train, a PRINCE2 training provider based in London, has put together risk analysis for London-based staff who may not be able to get to work during the Games.

Risk analysis for the London Olympic Games

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Simon Buehring
Simon Buehring is an experienced project manager, consultant and trainer, with extensive experience in the IT industry. He is the managing director of Knowledge Train, which offers PRINCE2 online courses. Contact him via email
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