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Reflective practice for change

Gerard Datoc
July 2, 2014

In today’s organisations, it becomes vital to be able to adapt to the changing markets as it develops an incline for new and more innovative products or services.

Companies invest resources in improving the way they achieve results and develop a structure for continuous improvement plans. An extensive percentage of this is dependent on the teams that are the drivers of success for every organisation. How do successful teams structure knowledge and reflective practices to drive these accomplishments?

Through coaching and mentoring, reflecting on our experiences can further develop how an individual processes data and turns that data into knowledge. Individuals may have years of experience but a learning experience is more beneficial for both the individual and the organisation.

Knowledge management plays a crucial role and reflective practices in this regard provides an avenue for recognising learning potentials within project environments, thus emphasising opportunities and increasing flexibility, having captured the lessons and developing channels for transference of the lessons learnt.

There are challenges in bringing cohesion regarding the transference of explicit and implicit knowledge through training sessions. Organisations take little time to reflect on past experiences and apply that to shape and mould future decision-making processes.

Integration of Reflective Practice And Knowledge Within The Organization‘ discusses the learning process that we all go through as individuals and in groups to create awareness of how we attain our learning curves.

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Gerard Datoc
Gerard Datoc has a Bachelor of Business Administration and is currently undertaking his Master of Project Management at the University of Technology Sydney. With years of experience in business operations, he brings both analytical and technical skills into the mix providing a formidable resource that can adapt well to changing priorities while exercising his project management competencies.
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