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Recruiters recognise project management standards

PM News
July 7, 2011

Project management standards are set to become more important to recruiters according to a new agreement between the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA).

The AIPM and RCSA have signed a memorandum of understanding in acknowledgement of the increasing need to place suitably skilled project managers in project roles.

“We need employers or their agents, such as recruiters, to make the best informed buying decisions when it comes to project managers, to allow them to select candidates appropriate for the roles available,” said Sheryle Moon, AIPM’s chief executive. “This significantly improves the chances of project success.”

An increase in projects at both State and Federal Government levels, as well as in the commercial sector such as in the booming resources industry, requires a corresponding increase in the standard of project hires. This demand for project managers comes at a time of critical talent shortage, said RCSA chief executive Steve Granland.

Unsurprisingly, he nominated locating quality candidates as the biggest challenge in this environment, remarking that the memorandum with the AIPM gives association members an advantage when hiring for project management roles. “The RCSA is responsible for providing its members with opportunities to improve their business through the provision of tools, resources and education. The MOU with the AIPM provides such opportunities.”

AIPM conducts competency-based assessments of its members to ensure they can perform at a professional standard that meets the needs of their roles. The memorandum with RCSA ensures that recruiters are aware of current project management standards and recognises the need to promote project management standards in Australian organisations, said Moon.

“AIPM’s competency assessment is a clear Australian standard for project managers and the RCSA has pivotal role in ensuring members and their clients understand and receive that standard of hire. This will result in lower risk for projects and more confidence in project outcomes.”

PM News
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