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Project beginnings

Brian Franklin
June 18, 2015

In the beginning there was the IDEA.

And the people took the IDEA for an EVENT to the Manager and said: “Look Master, this is what we want to do!”

And the Manager looked and saw that the IDEA was good but told his people: “It may be a good idea but it has no form and I need more information to make a decision.”

So the people developed an outline of their idea and took it again to the Manager who looked at it and saw that it had form and said: “I like this PROPOSAL as it has form and shows me the future and I will take it to the Board.”

And the Board looked upon the PROPOSAL and said to the Manager: “This is a good PROPOSAL and we agree with it but it lacks SUBSTANCE. Show us the SUBSTANCE before we agree to implement this EVENT.”

And the Manager took the PROPOSAL back to the people who were overjoyed to hear that the Board liked their PROPOSAL, which was now an approved EVENT, but the Manager said: “The Board says it lacks SUBSTANCE and before we can proceed we need to give the EVENT SUBSTANCE.”

“How do we give it SUBSTANCE, Master?” asked the people.

Said the wise Manager: “You will need to develop a detailed EVENT PLAN and I have the ideal guideline TEMPLATE for you! Mark well this TEMPLATE as it will enable you to plan your EVENT in some detail, giving confidence to all around you and its success.”

But remember, always:

If the EVENT is straightforward, ensure the TEMPLATE is modified to suit, for if it is made too complex, the people will be confused and darkness will fall upon the EVENT and unhappiness will result.

But if the EVENT is very important and complex, much planning will soothe the minds of those who will meet the cost, those who will benefit and those who will be acclaimed.

And the People heard the Manager and all was good.

Brian Franklin
Brian Franklin is a Canberra-based consultant focused on business improvement through management by projects. He draws on national and international construction, infrastructure and event project experiences.
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One thought on “Project beginnings

  1. Enjoyed reading this piece…clever and true! By the way, I’m an accidental PM who happened into project management and was searching for advice on all matters PM related. Cheers.


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