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Program management for business

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June 25, 2012

Program management expert Michel Thiry will run a specialist workshop on how programs can help businesses achieve their goals, providing step-by-step insight on implementing an effective program management strategy in any organisation.

According to CIO Magazine, executing on business goals “now ranks within the top five critical leadership competencies for CIOs in the coming year and aligning IT initiatives with business goals continues to be the most frequently cited activity of focus”.

The workshop has been designed specifically for executives and senior managers whose organisation or department uses project management, and is suitable for CIOs, chief project officers, heads of PMO, program and project sponsors and directors experienced program managers and all managers who need to manage multiple interrelated projects to deliver business strategies in any industry sector.

Participants can expect to attain an understanding of:

  • How to align programs and projects with organisational objectives and strategic goals.
  • A method to oversee multiple interrelated projects.
  • Knowledge to optimise the use of program resources to ensure benefits delivery.
  • Responsibility required for change and decisions to realise strategic & business objectives.
  • How to actively manage business value and stakeholders’ benefits.
  • Why, when and how to use program management.
  • How to support the development of a program framework and culture.

The one-day workshop will be held in Sydney on 30 August 2012. For more information, see Ark Group > Program Management in a Business Context

PM News
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