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Mining projects lead to infrastructure training

PM News
June 16, 2011

Mining projects in the region of Wilcannia in rural New South Wales have opened up training and job opportunities for the local population.

Unemployed Wilcannia residents will be offered a chance to complete a Certificate II in Resource and Infrastructure Work Preparation, which includes attaining a forklift licence, using power tools, and the maintenance and operation of light vehicles.

This will prepare them for work on mining projects in the area, said Rebecca Brydon, Indigenous services manager with Summit Employment and Training.

“There’s jobs there, and there’s going to be lots of jobs in the near future, and fortunately we’ve got a lot of people interested in that industry,” she said. “That was one of the main reasons why we picked this type of course to run out there.”

The training will also be offered to the nearby town of Menindee once initiated in Wilcannia.

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