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Focus on managing major projects

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March 1, 2012

A Major Projects Symposium will address the planning, stakeholder and risk issues that often beset large projects, bringing to light some of the factors particular to major works that can affect success.

Akolade’s Project Management for Major Projects Symposium, supported by Project Manager online, has been designed to promote best practice communication, resource management and risk management to ensure project objectives are met.

Delegates at the symposium will acquire practical implementation strategies and a clear understanding of the challenges of major projects, as well as hear of case studies where various techniques have been used successfully.

The program includes sessions focused on:

  • Minimising waste in major project delivery
  • Overcoming barriers to major project completion
  • Managing complexity and constraints in major projects
  • Avoiding delays in major projects
  • Maximising efficiency and resource management
  • Effective communication to avoid major project failure
  • Reviewing risk management performance and implementing effective risk analysis
  • Contracts and partnerships in major projects

The symposium will run over 26-27 March, with workshops to follow on 28 March 2012 at the Novotel in Brisbane.

For further details on the program and the speakers, see Akolade > Project Management for Major Projects Symposium

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