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Information overload hinders project teams

PM News
February 16, 2012

More than 60 percent of workers across all industries admit that they cannot do their jobs properly because they cannot sort through information fast enough, according to research conducted by LexisNexis.

The increase in virtual offices and online collaboration has seen a spike in the amount of information being exchanged during a project. If mismanaged, this leads to lost productivity, remarked Scott Raskin, chief executive of collaboration software Mindjet.

He said collaboration, including the ability to set goals and execute against them, requires more than document management and file sharing.

“Nearly every company I speak with faces challenges creating plans to support their goals and empowering their people to take the right actions in a coordinated fashion. The ability for teams to visualise and execute on their plans in an accessible and usable environment has flat-out not existed,” Raskin noted.

Singular task management solutions address only the back end of dilemma so the key is implementing a complete solution, he advised.

Mindjet recently acquired Cohuman, which adds task management capabilities to its Mindjet Connect suite that organises ideas, information and data to help create and execute project plans.

PM News
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