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Demystifying the success and failure of major projects

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December 20, 2011

A conference on major projects will address issues such as delays, budget problems and resource management in a framework designed to audit risk and provide long-term optimisation.

The Akolade Project Management for Major Projects Symposium, to be held in Brisbane over 26–28 March 2012, invites project managers, project engineers, risk managers, commercial managers and project controls managers to examine the success and failure of major projects in a number of industries, including those of government and commercial entities.

The symposium will feature industry leaders and government bodies of past and current major projects, who will speak on their successful multimillion-dollar organisations.

The conference will also provide delegates with proven frameworks from leading industry players to help make your project as successful.

The three-day program will help project managers to:

  • Learn how to avoid the risk of miscommunication in a project
  • Develop strategies for successful project delivery
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of effective risk management systems
  • Understand effective planning strategies to offset threats
  • Develop proven risk and control frameworks to underpin successful lifecycle project management
  • Determine the penalties of costly time delays
  • Analyse infringements on contract terms and legislation
  • Mitigate risks during contract negotiations

For more information, see Akolade > Project Management for Major Projects Symposium.

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