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Carbon price must consider property and construction

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June 30, 2011

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released a paper that supports a carbon price if the property and construction industry is likewise supported under a carbon pricing scheme.

GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew said the organisation believes an emissions trading scheme or other carbon pricing mechanism may be “one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for Australia to meet its international carbon reduction targets”, at the same time boosting investment in green technologies and stimulating new sectors of the economy.

However, it was also essential to have complementary measures under the scheme that would support energy and materials efficiencies within the property and construction industry, said Madew. “These complementary measures would include energy efficiency incentives such as tax breaks and white certificates, investment in research, development and commercialisation of low-emissions technologies, and mandatory disclosure.”

She suggested that current market failures and skills gaps will require “strong collaboration between government, industry and non-government organisations” to overcome.

The paper, Putting a price on pollution: what it means for Australia’s property and construction industry, looks at the impact of a carbon price on the property and construction industry, including the challenges and opportunities a carbon price may bring.

“Now is the time for organisations within the property and construction industry to consider how a price on carbon will affect their operations and how they can take advantage of the new green economy,” said Madew.

Download the paper at GBCA > Putting a price on pollution.

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