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Dominic O'Brien

Dominic O’Brien JP MAIPM is a senior project manager specialising in projects that focus on innovative technical and business solutions for the broadcasting industry.

Project Performance Improvement—Dominic O’Brien

Project Performance Improvement
This paper explores the challenge of sharing knowledge across a team within the context of a broadcast industry project, demonstrating a shift of thinking (metanoia) in learning. During the project a Collaborative Design Model of regular individual and group reflection was developed, that assisted in expanding the level of shared knowledge and creativity within a team. The model shares the outputs of individual reflection with the whole team which then acts as a catalyst to drive innovation that can benefit the project. Hence the model is a key foundation for building a learning organization that can generate deeper knowledge. A critical part of the model is the use of a time linked semi structure management approach, a form of light touch supervision. This supervision style provides a clear definition of objectives, regular monitoring and direction without overpowering the team. This allows for the growth of a creative environment in which innovation can flourish. The benefits of this approach are examined in the paper and include creative problem solving and tacit knowledge sharing.

Author: Dominic O’Brien
Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney)

June 1, 2013