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Agile innovation in project management

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April 6, 2016

For many years, project management was developed on a solid platform capable of supporting different types of projects, in various environments. Organisations have embraced classic project management, creating their own models and expanding the classic platform for project management.

Like any platform, however, classic project management presents constraints and approaches to the threshold of its coverage; these restrictions become more visible and their performance, less effective. The development of the classic platform continues, but sometimes it is more difficult than designing a new idea.

Projects have grown in complexity such that today it is common for project managers to struggle to deliver their projects efficiently. Recognising these challenges, difficulties, changes and technological advances, project managers try to use standards that can best meet the goals of success and deliver them.

Adopting a model for new product development, project management is critical to their performance, particularly at the end of high-tech products. The application of project management in business gives better results, quality and reduced costs in the product development.

Innovative products are embedded in dynamic business environments, characterised by the difficulty in predicting the future, uncertainties and major challenges. However, the emerging importance of agile project management, which is applicable to volatile and challenging environments and subject to frequent changes in the prescriptive and standardised process, is to be noted.

Agile project management discards the anticipatory posture and is strongly based on the prior planning of actions and activities and seeks to develop the vision of the future and the ability to explore.

Read more about the relationship between agile project management and organisational innovation, download ‘Agile innovation in project management’ by Rami Shakour [PDF].

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