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Agile added to PRINCE2 project management qualification

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July 2, 2015

The developer of the PRINCE2 project management qualification has launched an agile component to the program, citing a growing trend towards organisations using agile in their projects.

AXELOS, which superseded the UK’s Office of Government Commerce as the owner and developer of a project management qualification suite that includes PRINCE2, ITIL and P3M3, launched PRINCE2 Agile last week as an extension to PRINCE2.

“We already know that a quarter of UK-based PRINCE2 Practitioners are applying agile concepts to their project delivery, and we’re confident that following the launch of PRINCE2 Agile that number will increase significantly around the globe,” said AXELOS CEO Peter Hepworth.

PRINCE2 Agile combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile delivery with the established framework of PRINCE2, one of the world’s most recognised project management methods. It will be supported by training, an examination and a globally recognised qualification.

The main benefit of incorporating agile into projects is being able to deliver products ‘early and often’, said Hepworth. “[Organisations] can start generating returns on their investment much earlier than competitors who are yet to take advantage of the flexibility and responsiveness of agile.”

Until now, however, “one of the biggest barriers for organisations implementing agile ways of working has been the lack of wider governance and control that can put projects and budgets at risk,” he said, which led to AXELOS developing PRINCE2 Agile, which offers “a structured and controlled approach to agile delivery.”

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