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10 tips to better manage project information

Neil Glentworth
January 3, 2012

As businesses across the globe go through increasing economic and technological changes, increased risks and demand for greater adaptability could potentially rise.

With increasing cost pressures, there is increasing emphasis on creating value and driving cost-saving innovations within your projects to benefit both your customers and business process. These innovations need to drive greater efficiencies in the way information is structured to manage routine processes and decision making within organisations.

So how can you prepare your organisation for these changes as we move ahead into 2012?

  1. Ensure support and training to facilitate capability development, better use of information between people and processes.
  2. Emphasise creating more value in the way information is sorted and recorded to enable improved productivity and profitability goals.
  3. Get creative when it comes to resource management and allocation to mitigate cost pressures.
  4. Invest in better communication tools, as it helps people share ideas, learn better and consequently generate high quality business inputs.
  5. Businesses will be adopting a global operation model and work 24/7—this will demand increased focus on information integration, to drive value across your organisation, partners and the supply chain.
  6. Improve flexibility to ensure quicker turnarounds, greater value delivery and ownership.
  7. Identify and invest in key projects/initiatives that business data creatively to enable cost reduction and value enhancement.
  8. Encourage your employees to foster information networks that help build and synthesise ideas.
  9. Promote your commitment in driving better information use, so that your employees are well equipped to help deliver on these areas.
  10. Finally, support even the smallest attempts at innovation and value-creation through effective use of information: this holds the key for long term cost reduction and process improvement.
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Neil Glentworth
Neil Glentworth is the founder of information management firm Glentworth, which helps Australian organisations in the private, public and non-for-profit sectors harness knowledge and run their operations more competitively. Glentworth specialises in designing information based business strategies that galvanise information and translate it into a tangible and multi-purpose interface making your company more adaptable, client focused and responsive to changes in the market. Follow Glentworth on Twitter (Glentworth_aus).
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