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Articles Tagged 'Totally Optimized Projects'

  • How to use critical success factors
    critical success factors dependency

    John Rockart coined the phrase ‘critical success factors’ meaning factors that need to be measured and managed as pre-requisites to success. The project fraternity redefined this phrase to mean “the most important success measures”—and they’re wrong, writes Jed Simms. more
  • Seeing benefits in project cost

    Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends on whether you consider the water a cost or a benefit. Do you fill up an empty glass with benefits, or do you drain a full glass to satisfy your thirst? Excuse my imperfect analogy but there’s something wrong with the way we look at […] more
    Benefits Realisation, Blogs
  • The kindness and cruelty of project management
    The demands of project management

    Jed Simms long ago discovered that the opposite to project ‘success’ is rarely failure but ‘compromise’ in project delivery performance and in compromised future performance. Here he insists we have to be cruel to achieve the project outcomes we want. more
  • Change management on the double

    More experienced practitioners know the people-process-technology approach to change has left holes and not delivered effective change at times. Jed Simms proposes a different kind of change management triangle. more