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  • Social learning theory in construction—Neroshan Devakumaran

    Application of social learning theory to boost technician skills and performance in a construction project
    Skilled labour force is an essential part of a construction project. Every construction project has different phases. Transitioning between phases dictates the need for different skill sets and it is crucial that every organisation manages its labour resource efficiently to avoid skill gaps that could lead to its downfall in this highly competitive world. Being constrained by a limited labour force with a significant skill imbalance during the transitioning of two phases, the author had to come up with a plan to alleviate this situation by training the unskilled technicians within a short period of time due to the steady increase of tasks and multiple end dates. The author created a strategy to train them within a month while steadily increasing the pace of work. Using the modelling process of a social learning theory with other learning styles incorporated in parts, the author was able to eventually fill the skill gaps necessary for the next phase within the planned time. The author eventually provides a reflection on the methods used by him that proves that although the techniques were efficient, there is room for improvement.

    Author: Neroshan Devakumaran
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • 7 requirements for project success

    Identifying the measures of project success at the end of a project is too late to mitigate failures and major shortfalls in performance. Jed Simms explains the value equation and establishes the 7 requirements for project success. more