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  • The ABC Wind Power Station Construction Project Management Performance Study—Yi Gao
    wind power

    The ABC Wind Power Station Construction Project Management Performance Study
    At the present, there are too many academic researches concentrated on the corporation performance evaluation in China, but there is lack of researches consider about the construction project performance evaluation. Because of this, it is difficult for the managers to give correct evaluations in assess the construction projects even it may cause profit losses to the corporations by making the wrong decisions.

    With the construction market competition intense more and more in the wind power station today, the developers also have more and more requests to the construction corporations, especially to the constructing quality, safety and environment protection. Because of this, it is a critical problem which is the performance evaluation of wind power construction project to be paid more and more attention by the publics.

    The study analyzed the market environment for the wind power station developers and did some researches and analyses. By integrating the characteristics of the construction project performance evaluation and the wind power station projects, it made a performance analysis for the ABC wind power station based on the project quality, schedule, cost and other part of project management. Then there are some project performance improvement suggestions in the next for the wind power station construction projects.

    Author: Yi Gao
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • Why projects fail
    project failure, project stoppage, red light

    The project management industry has matured and grown significantly over the past 15 years, but a large number of projects still fail. Why is this the case? Jeroen Bolluijt and Brett Nan Tie believe a lack of data is part of the reason. more
    Advanced, Education