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Articles Tagged 'requirements'

  • When to compromise on a project

    It may seem strange to consider compromise on a project because, surely, we start out expecting to deliver on time, on budget, to quality expectations and to meet all the requirements. Mike Acaster discusses the role of prioritisation and ongoing business requirements. more
  • What can your project do for me?

    Why do projects fail? Project managers revisit this question every now and again in a moment of introspection and it’s hard to argue with the answer offered by Henry Cho, UX practitioner: “Projects fail when they fail users.” Editor Adeline Teoh on how to see value from another perspective. more
  • Protecting the project

    There is a famous case in Australia where the chairman of a large company rejected out-of-hand a takeover offer of $27 per share when those shares, 12 months later, were trading at under $10. This chairman’s ‘protection’ of the company was hugely detrimental to its shareholders. more