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Articles Tagged 'mentorship'

  • Reflective practice for change
    group reflection

    How do successful teams structure knowledge and reflective practices to drive innovative accomplishments? Gerard Datoc discusses the learning process that we all go through to create awareness of how we attain our learning curves. more
  • Simulation and Industry Mentors—Weterman, Hogan

    Simulation and Industry Mentors as a pathway to learning ‘near world’ Project Management

    Students are increasingly finding it difficult to learn project management in a classroom environment that is conducted using a traditional teaching approach as it lacks the complexity to bring real-life project experiences to life. Simulation is a widely accepted technique to create models that resemble the real life business context and can be very useful for teaching and learning project managzement. Expert project managers can also share project management scenarios with the students and successfully mentor them during their learning process. This paper brings these two techniques together and presents an alternative teaching methodology for project management that uses latest simulation technology and involves industry mentors to generate ‘near world’ project knowledge and a positive learning experience in a stimulating, enjoyable and engaging learning and teaching environment.

    Author: Linda Weterman, Frank Weterman, Tania Hogan
    Review status: Presented at the 2011 PMOz Conference (PMI endorsed) more
  • John Wiese, defence systems project director

    Neophilia is often characterised by a person’s readiness to adapt while shunning repetition and routine. How you might describe John Wiese in that regard may be a hard task: not only is he a keen advocate of agility in project management, he also recognises that successful, repeatable outcomes are the core of project management’s appeal. […] more
  • Mentor sees IT development gap

    “In most organisations, IT is a necessary evil,” says Rob Livingstone, founder and principal of a firm that provides mentorship programs specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by IT professionals. Mentorship programs at Rob Livingstone Advisory aim to bridge the gap between the IT department and other aspects of a business. Livingstone says in […] more
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