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  • Project and organisational barriers in the site inspection phase—Amish Trilok Joshi

    Project and organisational barriers in the site inspection phase of a solar installation project

    This paper describes the site inspection phase of a solar installation, the problems it encountered and how they were rectified at the time. The importance of the research is to demonstrate a focus on the reflective aspect of how the project phase of site inspection was managed and demonstrate improved outcomes of using the theoretical topic of managing to address barriers at the project and organisational levels, had it been applied to this scenario. In this work, I have attempted to resolve project and organisational barriers that are faced during the phase of performing initial site inspection for a solar installation project. The scope of this paper is limited to only the site inspection phase of the described project which forms a minor, albeit, a critical part of the project to assess its long term viability. The evidence researched upon is the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide for project management and the theory of recognising barriers and enhancers and reducing the recognised barriers. The key barriers identified as part of the findings of the research were cultural, leadership, communication and attitude of the individual project team member. The findings I have discussed can have positive implications towards future projects undertaken by the organisation. For this to occur, the knowledge transfer of tacit to explicit knowledge, from senior management to staff lower in the hierarchy, needs to be closely monitored and documented appropriately. It is vital the organisational process assets are reviewed on a regular basis and referred to during project kick-off meetings.

    Author: Amish Trilok Joshi
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • Leadership in organisational change

    A successful change culture depends on the leadership team signalling their commitment to change, writes Ivan Seselj. Not only does this set the vision for what the business is trying to achieve, it empowers key change agents. more
  • Telling the story of the project
    communication story reflection

    What is the role of narrative and storytelling in reflective practice? How can these skills and tools be used to improve knowledge management across projects? Michael Morrison’s paper discuss the art of storytelling, leadership and more. more