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  • Agile innovation in project management—Rami Shakour
    agile innovation

    Agile innovation in project management
    Today, we can generalize that the projects have grown in complexity and it is very common for the project managers struggling to bring their work efficiently. Recognizing these challenges, difficulties, changes and technological advances, project managers try to use standards that can best meet the goals of success and deliver them. Adopting a model for new product development project management is critical to their performance, particularly at the end of high-tech products. The application of project management in business gives better results, quality and reduction costs in the product development. The innovative products are embedded in dynamic business environments, characterized the difficulty in predicting the future, uncertainties and major challenges. However, the current assignment has presented the importance and methodologies of Agile Innovation in project management. The introductory part has given a brief overview and comparison between classical project management and agile project management. In the discussion part, agile methodology is discussed in detail along with the principles and values.

    Author: Rami Shakour
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • The inside out of innovation

    Some businesses seem to have the management mindset that they have thought of everything and that nobody could possibly tell them how to ‘suck eggs’. Complacency is a curse, as Roger La Salle finds out. more