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Articles Tagged 'expectations'

  • Manage your stakeholders, manage your life
    Engage all your stakeholders

    Everyone reading this is a capable, smart, and skilled project manager, who is proud of managing the key stakeholder in each project with professionalism and finesse. Do you bring this same care to managing the stakeholder in your personal life? asks Michelle LaBrosse, because it could mean a paradigm shift. more
  • Communication, stakeholder expectations and project estimation

    Effective communication between project stakeholders is always difficult but critical to ensure you can manage stakeholders’ expectations. Lynda Bourne explains how project estimation can play a part in conveying meaning.

    “Pseudo accurate estimates based on detailed calculations are no more valid than estimates made in more general terms, but can easily create false expectations.” more
    Communication, Stakeholders
  • Reduce project distress

    Rid yourself of ‘bah humbug’ attitudes on your project. The holiday season is like a magnifying glass that enlarges both the best and the worst in us. This time of year induces joy, caring, and generosity, but it can also magnify stress, anxiety, and heighten conflict at home and on your project. more