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Articles Tagged 'education'

  • Learning styles in today’s business domain—Nick Dominique-Bouvat

    Learning styles in today’s business domain: a reflection

    It comes as no surprise that people have different learning styles and for the better part, it is presumably safe to state that learning styles are merely instruments to categorise different learning traits, processes and behaviours, which in turn, assist people to learn. Because learning styles has not proven any universally accepted models, it continually remains one of the most talked about and debated topics among educators and managers in the business environment. This theoretical paper aims to examine the validity of learning styles in today’s business domain, drawing specifically on the 13 families of learning style models outlined by Coffield, et al, (2004) with the purpose to stimulate debate on whether they warrant any business soundness in its principles or are they just inflated drivel. This paper does not claim that learning styles are fictionalised by their respective authors but rather to shed light if the values of their researches can be bunked, if proven to be hogwash.

    Author: Nick Dominique-Bouvat
    Review status: Postgraduate assignment (University of Technology Sydney) more
  • In pursuit of lifelong learning

    If we put ourselves in new environments and seek out new experiences in adulthood, our brain undergoes physical changes and that’s why we should pursue lifelong learning, Michelle LaBrosse advocates. more